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Brasserie Margaux
- American, French, Northwest Cuisine, Brewery/Pub/Tavern
Bengal Tiger Cuisine of India
- Indian, Indian/Pakistan, Pakistani, Vegetarian Restaurant in

5  out of 5 stars
5|Best Indian food on the planet. Owner is also the chef, he can personalize anything to your taste...

2.4 stars (1 ratings)

Park Place Deli

(206) 328-2492
4122 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112 | MAP
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French, Deli/Sandwich/Subs, Fast Food


Park Place Deli Reviews

Avg Rating: 2  out of 5 stars      Number of Reviews: 1

A diner from Seattle, WA gave an overall rating of 1  out of 5 stars on August 9, 2006 @ 12:00 PM

 It is extremely rare that I have such a terrible experience somewhere, much less feel the need to tell others about it. My experience yesterday at Bites & Bistro in Madison Park really lit my fire. So much so that this morning I was still smoldering. Yesterday I stopped in to get a quick sandwich to go. Having never been there before I asked the gentleman behind the counter (a raven haired man) what he recommended. His response was that "everyone marches to the beat of their own drum, I am not going to recommend a sandwich, how can I do that". I thought, okay he's trying to be funny, not very good at it, but I will go with it. So I then asked him what the top selling sandwiches were. He mentioned two and I responded, well they must be good, I'll have the first one you mentioned. His response: "Well, Britney Spears sells alot of records but that doesn't mean her music is good". Slightly irritated, I ordered my sandwich to go and stepped aside. I wait, and wait and wait. In the meantime, 2 other customers entered the deli and ordered sandwiches to go and left before me. Finally I muster up the nerve to ask the guy what the status was of my order was. His response "Mam - have you ever heard of the saying a watching pot never boils?" Another customer heard this and gave me a little nod as if saying "what a jerk". Then to top things off, the sandwich was bland and uneventful. I was wishing that I had swiped the salt from the counter to bring the dead thing alive. JUST BECAUSE IT IS MADISON PARK, YOU ARE IN A GREAT LOCATION AND HAVE NO OTHER COMPETITION ISN'T AN EXCUSE FOR TERRIBLE FOOD AND ABUSING YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT PAY YOUR SORRY RENT!

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