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Noon O Kabab Pick Up Delivery & Catering

(773) 279-8899

4651 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

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Dining Specials

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Casual/Family, Catering
Petite Pita
Mediterranean, Casual/Family, Delivery, Kids Friendly

Restaurant Description

Persian Cuisine Chicago ARea

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5  out of 5 stars
Indian, Indian/Pakistan, Ethnic Setting
5  out of 5 stars
American, French, Mediterranean, Brewery/Pub/Tavern
4  out of 5 stars
Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Brewery/Pub/Tavern

Reviews of Similar Restaurants

Indian, Indian/Pakistan, Pakistani
this place is great the food was the bst french food in the city
Indian, Indian/Pakistan, Pakistani
If you want to experience the real taste and quality of Indian/Pakistani gourmet food you must go here. Have not ever been to an indian restaurant like this. Decor is beautiful friendly staff
Indian, Indian/Pakistan, Pakistani
AMAZING food! must go here. Buffet is great. It is pricey but worth it since it is clean and very class- 100 times better than any other indian/pakistani restaurant
Indian, Indian/Pakistan, Pakistani
I like the cleanliness, kind, friendly service, and the food is very tasty, good, and cheap.
Indian, Indian/Pakistan, Pakistani
I Think the restaurant is very well maintained. Food is great family owned very good experience I love the new location also.

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