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2.3 stars (1 ratings)

LA Siesta

(541) 548-4848
8320 North Highway 97, Terrebonne, OR 97760 | MAP
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Mexican (Mexican Food & Culture History)


Recent LA Siesta Reviews

A diner from Corvallis, Oregon gave an overall rating of 2  out of 5 stars on November 5, 2007 @ 3:13 PM

 Normally after a day of hiking/climbing even the worst food tastes like sweet ambrosia. Many a time have I savored a under hydrated package of fake mashed potatoes while gnawing off bits of a frozen cliff bar and loved every minute of it.

One would think that even the worst of Mexican lounge food would have to be at least on par if not better than the freeze dried flavor enhanced meals I normally enjoy on a standard climbing trip. Unfortunately La Siesta could not even meet the minimal criteria of palatability that I require after a day of strenuous physical activity.

I would say that my cactus dinner tasted like a can of pickled green beans mixed with scrambled eggs except that I'm pretty certain it actually was a can of pickled green beans mixed with scrambled eggs. The enchilada sauce appeared to be a mixture of spaghetti sauce and Tabasco and the rice was mixed with a medley of frozen peas and carrots.

The high point of the dining experience at La Siesta was the Men's restroom. The unexpected level of cleanliness and the large than life size cutout of a rather disproportioned blond riding a Harley were well worth a return visit for a beer and a pee. Just don't go for the food, no matter how hungry you might be.