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Home Plate Diner

(806) 748-8550
7615 University Ave, Lubbock, TX 79423 | MAP
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American, Diner, Fast Food


Recent Home Plate Diner Reviews

A diner from Lubbock, Texas said... on July 9, 2009 @ 1:43 PM

 If I never, ever go to Home Plate Diner on University again, it'll be to soon. That store has gone to the dogs. Last week, I drove up to the speaker, as did 5 other cars after me. After waiting 10 minutes for someone to get on the speaker, and take my order, which they never did. I decided to go inside to see if they were "OPEN". When someone finally got to the counter, and I ask them if they were open, I get a smart ass remark, "What does it look like?" I should have left right then, but my family was hungry. What do you do? I informed this person that I was out by the speaker, along with the other 5 cars, and nobody took my order. They give me this, "So?" look. I went ahead and placed my order. Bad mistake, on my part. They then tell me to go sit in my car, and they'd bring me the order. I said, "No, that's OK. It's hot outside, I'm almost out of gas, and it seems to be a little cooler in here." Then, it got interesting. The so called staff were having a good ol' time in the kitchen. All talking to each other, bitchin' about having to work that weekend. Telling who ever that was listening that they weren't doing the dishes, or cleaning the place up. All this time, I'm wondering, "Where's the manager?" After 25 minutes, they finally get my order ready. They head out to my car, I'm still inside waiting where I'd been the whole time. Guy walks back in, telling everybody that I had left. I tell them that I'm still there. Finally, get the food, if that's what they call that slop. My chicken fried steak was terrible, salad was even worse. Nobody even came close to finishing. All in all, that was $35.00 wasted for my family supper. So, what did I learn? Listen to your heart. If it says this place sucks, it probably does. And that experience sucked big time. Also, I didn't rate this restaurant. They didn't have a ZERO!
A diner [[email protected]] from Lubbock, Tx gave an overall rating of 1  out of 5 stars on June 18, 2008 @ 12:07 PM

 I have enjoyed home plate in the past, but recently I visited the location on 50th and Indiana. It was noon and they were slow, I was happy to feel as if I would get good service. I ordered and sat down. The first thing I noticed was the overall cleanliness was horrifying, the booths, tables etc, had food and it didnt appear to of been wiped down, the pictures on the wall at the level of the tables were all dirty with food splatter that had been there a while, the floors were dirty, everything was dirty, I felt as if I needed to take a shower just sitting there. Next it took 20 min to get our cheese burger, and there was only two of us, and total there was only about 10 people in the entire restaurant, and the food was COLD. I relucatantly ate and the quality was poor, the patty was smaller and overcooked, the fixings didnt appear to be fresh. The tea was about the only thing worth consuming. I left and vowed to never visit home plate again. There food, and restaurant has deteriorated to a sickening state. They have lost my business permenantly.

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