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Greenwood Mandarin Restaurant

(206) 783-6426
7307 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 | MAP
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Recent Greenwood Mandarin Restaurant Reviews

A diner from Seattle, WA gave an overall rating of 5  out of 5 stars on January 25, 2012 @ 10:19 PM

 Yes, I just gave Greenwood Mandarin Restaurant a perfect score! And it's well deserved, let me explain further...

My fiance' Cassandra and I have been searching for a great Chinese restaurant in the Seattle area since we moved here from Wisconsin two and a half years ago. Try place after place, we decided to try Mandarin Chinese on Greenwood Ave because I thought it was funny that the only sign on the building said... "CHINESE FOOD." So we went in, and immediately noticed the authentic Chinese decorations and tables/booths. At that moment we were excited and eager to look at a menu, but in the back of our heads, we knew not to get our hopes up because decorations don't mean anything when it comes to good food, especially Chinese. We were promptly seated and given water and tea. We then started looking at the menu and were amazed by how many choices they had with Tofu! We aren't vegetarians but when we eat Chinese, we ALWAYS order Tofu dishes! If you've never eaten fried Tofu, you are missing out my friend. Anyways, I ordered Schechuan Tofu and my fiance' ordered General Tso's Tofu. When we got our food it looked AMAZING! We took a bite, and immediately looked at each other like we both just bit into the best chocolate in the world. We knew right then and there that this was OUR place to go for Chinese! Most places have watered down sauces, or sauces that are too oily. Mandarin Chinese has the perfect sauces, I guarantee it! They do up their Tofu in what I guess you could call a more American way, or so I've been told, but it's perfect. I've been referring to Yelp to help me decided which Chinese food restaurants we should try, but I can say with all honesty...DON'T TRUST YELP! Recently I went off a review for yelp and then found a sharp piece of metal in my tofu! Now I understand that mistakes can happen, but the food it's self was also AWFUL, everything was tasteless, despite how oily the sauce was. I will say this, I gave the Value rating 5 stars because I'm in love every time I'm done eating there, but they are a bit pricey for us. On average we spend about $25.00 because we order two entrees and you have to purchase rice separate. But if you have that money and are looking for a the best place in Seattle for Chinese, I promise you, you won't find a better place. Even if you don't have the money, find some and go try it, you will be in love.

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