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2.9 stars (1 ratings)

Ginza Japanese Restaurant

(713) 785-0332
5868 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77057 | MAP
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Japanese, Sushi Bar (Japanese Food & Culture History, Sushi Bar Food & Culture History)


Recent Ginza Japanese Restaurant Reviews

A diner from Houston, TX gave an overall rating of 3  out of 5 stars on August 19, 2007 @ 2:36 PM

 The oldest waitress doesn't know what the Gyu Don (rice covered with beef) is!!!

I saw there is Ten Don (rice covered with fried shrimp) $7.50 on the menu and would like to know if they have Gyu Don. She kept telling me they have Udon and even gave me an attitude like I don't know how to order Japanese food. After I explained to her what Gyu Don is, she said they have Sukiyaki Don but she doesn't know how much. She went to ask a guy and then told me it is $7.50. I ordered one but when I got the invoice, the price was $17.50. For a small bowl of rice covered with beef, onion and konnyaku jelly noodle, it was extremely expensive. I asked her if the price was correct and she insisted that she told me $17.50 and gave me that attitude again.

I have been there few times and found the food is not worth the price.

Scallop Nigiri: I have tried twice. Both of the scallops were fishy, not fresh enough.

Yakisoba: I have tried once. The Soba (Japanese Noodle) was dry and all broken into pieces.

Spicy Tuna Roll and Spicy Tuna Hand Roll: I have tried twice. They were too salty and the Japanese Seaweed was soggy (It should be crispy!!!).

Even though the ambience feels like authentic Japanese restaurant, don’t expect you will get the food as same in Japan. Anyway, you can go give it a try and see if you like it. If you go, please try the Sukiyaki Don and share you opinion if it is worth $17.50 and hope you don’t get served by the oldest waitress.

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