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Taking a Bite Out of the "Big Apple"
Welcome to the New York City where the fun and excitement never stop. Here in the big city you can find all kinds of interesting sites and activities to do. If you are lucky and catch a nice day in New York then I would really suggest you to visit Central Park. Central Park is over two miles long and even has it own zoo in it along with fields, playgrounds, and walkways scatter through out the park. Or you could go Ellis Island home of the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty towers over Ellis Island at over 150 feet and was a gift to us by the French in 1865. If you want to feel a sense of hard ship though then head over to ground zero of the World Trade Center. It is amazing to see what is being done there now with new construction and it just shows you that no one can bring Americans down for good. Maybe you want to go up? Then get to the top of the Empire State Building and look out over the city. You can also do a simulation ride at the Empire State Building that is very thrilling. There are also numerous diners and restaurants where you can eat your fill of delicious food. If you want really good cheesecake then try Junior's. If you are looking for entertainment while you eat then head over to Ellen's Stardust Diner where the waiters and waitresses sing to you as you dine. If you have the time then you can catch a ball game and in this city you have two choices. There is the New York Mets and the New York Yankee's but don't get them confused because baseball is very serious in New York and rivals tend to get hostel. While you are in a sporty mood then go and tour Madison Square Garden. This is an amazing structure because the actual Stadium is not on the first floor but several floors above the ground. Now get your game face on for New York's nightlife, trust me you will need it.

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Recent Restaurant Reviews

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar 5 star(s)
“Evey time I come here I have an amazing experience! The food is awesome the service is the best I just love coming here!”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar 5 star(s)
“I come here every Friday with my family for shabbat. its a great time for us to regroup pray eat and rejoice with one another. its beautifully setup with the candles and the roses. they also have 3 different menus to cho... ”

Nitin Bakery 1 star(s)
“WARNING!!Horrible place, poor customer service and bad tasting cake. I place an order, gave details and specifications, showed pictures and had the gentlemen who also works there to specify the toping to the lady who wr... ”

Langola Pizza
“If you like cold late food this place is for you.”

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar West Village 3 star(s)
“Tables are too close together and small. Service was slow. Flatbread with mushrooms was really good though.”

Brews Restaurant 5 star(s)
“I long for the sizzling steak and pork chops!”

Raffles Bistro 5 star(s)
“My boyfriend n I would like to express how pleased we were during my visit from NC Feb 2& 3rd 2013!!! Tonya and staff gave us outstanding customer service!!! I must say the food was on point!!! Breakfast and Lunch was br... ”

Amcook Fusion Cuisine 5 star(s)
“The best restaurant to order rather pick up ,delivery or dine in ! They have good Chinese selections. They served delicious Curry Puff ,Thai Red Curry Chicken ! also mentions fresh Sushi rolls as well . Yum !”

Caridad Broadway 3 star(s)
“The food is ok and the customer service could be better. They dont speak much english and they dont have much of a variety in pastrees.Good to go for a simple lunch with friends but I wouldnt want to make a big reservati... ”

Pizza Plus A Whole Lot More! 4 star(s)
“I have lived in the neighborhood for years and I'm always pleased with their service. Extremely friendly staff and the food is always consistently good. Pizza is not bad. The buffalo wings are my favorite.”