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Big Sam's Grill And Bar

(361) 241-1234
10514 Leopard Street, Suite C, Corpus Christi, TX 78410 | MAP | WEBSITE
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Burger, Sports Bar and Grill, Casual/Family, Buffet, TV/Satellite


Restaurant Description

Good and Cheap Wings with several different glazes to choose from, chicken fried steak, Grilled Hamburgers and sandwiches. Has a good lunch buffet during the week.

Recent Big Sam's Grill And Bar Reviews

A diner from Texas gave an overall rating of 1  out of 5 stars on August 24, 2009 @ 2:29 PM

 From the second we walked into this bar, there must have been a sign above our heads that read "We are not from around here so please be rude to us." The bartender that we were stuck with greeted us with a horrible attitude. Of course, I just blew that off thinking that maybe she was having a bad night or something. A friend of mine ordered a shot which was absolutely terrible.....we knew that their shots were not great before going into the bar though, so that was expected. Anyways, he asked her if he could watch her make it and she gave him the craziest psycho look I have ever seen anyone give someone else. It was incredibly nuts!!! She grabbed a shot glass, slammed it down on the bar, grabbed the liquors and threw them back down in the ice after she was done pouring, then she grabs the red bull, pours what is left in the can, crunches the can and then throws it like a mad chick on the other side of the bar. Immediately we were thinking, "Wow this girl has issues!" So my friend requested to speak with the manager, he was just as rude and said that basically he would get to him when he gets to him. We waited for a while and finally he came out of his office. He had an attitude from hell which is the type of manager I would want to hire...really?! This guy said "I really do not care" so many jaw just dropped because I could not believe that a manager did not care about good positive customer service. We tried talking with him and realized that it was just a lost cause because we were not getting anywhere with this dude. He was way more rude than the girl was. I have been to lots of bars and I have never encountered such rudeness. Maybe that is how they do it in Corpus. It is really sad and pathetic that people working in a restaurant/bar have terrible customer relations. I was completely shocked that people working in an establishment like that could be so rude. If it is a matter of having a bad day then you leave that at home, do not bring it to work with you. Or if you hate your job so much, do not take it out on your are the one that chooses to work in a bar so deal with it. If we were being rude and just flat out mean to these people, then I would take full responsibility for that and completely understand their negativity and poor behavior toward us but, the fact is, we were not. It is just not right to act that way toward customers or other people in general. If I were to treat my customers so poorly then I can guarantee you I would not have a job. It is just common courtesy and that is how you keep a good business running. Looking back, I wonder if they were just mean to us because we were not locals. If that is the case then I don't even know what to say. It is just tacky and bad business.

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