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Tonys I-75 Restaurant, Birch Run

Bob's Bar, Birch Run

Schlotzskys Deli, Birch Run

A & W at the Outlets, Birch Run

Bringer Inn, Saginaw

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Tonys I-75 Restaurant5 star(s)

 Love this place. .been going there since I was a kid. We always have food left over even when I share with the kids.. but we take what we can home. I know there are the people that say there is a lot wasted.. but I thought I had heard years ago that that scrap food was given to local pig farmers.. that may not be correct but it seems like after walking by the back room once they did have large barrels separating out the food from the actual trash. If they do.. great.. if they don't.. they should! :)

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Recent Birch Run Restaurant Guide Reviews

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  4 star(s)
“Very interesting place to say the least. Glad to have experienced it, and would go again if ever in the area.”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“I am a truck driver and I have been coming here 3-4 times a year for 25 years. It used to have a dirt lot next to it and I would eat like a horse and then sleep like a log before I turned around to head back south. ... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“What can you say you have to go there to see what they have. Make the trip you will love it. Be hungry”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  4 star(s)
“I'm eating the BLT right now and my jaw is actually hurting from chewing through so much bacon. I love bacon. I always feel like I'm doing something wrong by loading a plate full of bacon while at an all-you-can-e... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“This is one of my most favorite places to eat! All of you who don't like what they do then don't go there and all the waste!..... I take that food home and eat it later when I roll up a fatty and get T... ”

Bob's Bar  5 star(s)
“Great local bar where you can get a good cheese burger and beer at a reasnable price. The hospitable bar maid, Barbara, made my friend and I feel very welcome. Although this bar is well off the path, the great serv... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  4 star(s)
“Just ate there today. The place was extremely busy and we had a party of 13. Amazingly we were seated quickly, orders taken promptly and food delivered incredibly fast. The quality was good on our food. I had th... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“My husband and I go to Frankenmuth every year for our anniversary and we always make it a point to eat at Tony's during our stay. We love the food and the atmosphere. We've had great dining experiences over the pa... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  
“This was a gross experience for me. Their BLT = the perfect example of "quantity over quality." Granted, there is a lot of it, but the bacon is mostly fat & grease. And when the BLT cools down, it's more like a 1 l... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  1 star(s)
“The food was good. The bread was a little to greasy for my taste, but our waitress was horrible. She was rude and disrespectful sticking her finger in the air to tell me to hold on. It took her over 20 minutes to ge... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  
“I ordered the Kibber Special - corned beef, Italian bread, and pizza Cheese. Delicious! Right off I-75. A little pricey, but hey, the portions are HUGE. Make sure you take home a menu!”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“Wow, just saw the amazing portion not controlled restaurant on the Food Channel. I visited about 3 months ago and the food was spectacular. Talk about no limits to portions. Great customer service and excellent ... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  
“this was the most fun I ever had at a restaurant it will be something I will never forget... If your ever that way this is a MUST STOP....”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“First time eating at Tony's and it was better than i expected. My mother and I were in shock when our food came out what seemed less that 5 minutes after we ordered it. I got a BBQ sandwich and she got a Reuben, bot... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“Excellent...alot of fun. Heard about it on the Travel channel. I only live about 40 minutes away and have never heard of it. All the people on here crying about the portions being too big are morons...thats the whol... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“What a great experience. Service was fast and efficient. The food was most excellent and the prices were sooo reasonable. Well worth our drive over. Would do it again. Had the big BLT and a Rueben. Great great... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“A little expensive but great food and friendly service.”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“I have the very 'best' memories at Tony's! My family and I have been going there ever since I was a little girl. To anyone who would argue that the portions are too big: Quit whining about it and split a meal for cr... ”

Tonys I-75 Restaurant  5 star(s)
“You have to go to this resturaunt hungry and ready for a novel experience. One dinner fed me and my daughter two meals. It's really fun watching the plates of food come out of the kitchen. Massive amounts!”

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