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2.7 stars (1 ratings)

Azuma Sushi & Robata Grill

(713) 432-9649
5600 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77005 | MAP | WEBSITE
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Japanese, Seafood, Sushi Bar, Casual/Family, Business Lunch (Japanese Food & Culture History, Sushi Bar Food & Culture History)


Recent Azuma Sushi & Robata Grill Reviews

A diner from Houston, TX gave an overall rating of 2  out of 5 stars on June 8, 2009 @ 11:07 AM

 I had their sushi platter which consists of 11 - 12 pieces of different kinds of sushi. Every piece was dried and not fresh, seems like it's been pre-made awhile ago. I also ordered the "Agedashi Tofu", which is a standard dish, and I always use it as a standard to judge the basics of a Japanese restaurant. I have never had such a horrible one out of all the Japanese restaurants I have eaten in the U.S. It really really greasy, the batter they used tasted funny, and possibly was refried... It was NOT good at all!
Furthermore, as I always do at a Japanese restaurant, is to see if they have a Japanese menu. Well, Azuma doesn't have that, which is okay. Then I asked the waitress if they have Onigiri (which is the Japanese traditional rice ball). She didn't understand what I said, so I went on to explain what it is. She said "sure, we have that". I was going to order it until I asked her again if she knew what I was talking about, she said with an attitude "you just want a rice ball right!?". So I told her that it's not just a ball of rice, it actually has different kinds of stuffing in it. And she goes, "oh... no we don't have that". I think she really would have just given me a ball of rice..... If you don't know a typical Japanese dish like that, you should not work in a Japanese restaurant. It's like not knowing salsa is in a Mexican restaurant.. Their service was horrible, snobby, and don't even know the basics of the Japanese culture.... It's definitely over priced for the quality of food they serve.

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